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Amended Preliminary Championship Ruling

Preliminary Championship Ruling (Effective from Sept. 1st 2016)

Preliminary Championship Ruling (Effective from Sept. 1st 2016) 

·         A Preliminary Championship is:

o    judged by at least 3 Adjudicators.

o    A Preliminary Championship must consist of 2 Rounds, 1 Light Round – Reel / Slip Jig & 1 heavy Round – Heavy Jig / Hornpipe.

·         A dancer is not eligible to enter a Preliminary Championship if they have been placed First in an Open Championship from 1st January 2015 and the following year.

·         Dancers may compete in an Open or a Preliminary Championship or both.

·         Once a dancer qualifies for Oireachtas Rince na Cruinne, they must not enter a Preliminary Championship They may not compete in Preliminary Championships in the year that they qualified or the following calendar year.


·         Dancers who qualify for Oireachtas Rince na Cruinne where there are five dancers or less in their Regional Oireachtas are exempt from this ruling. They may remain in the Preliminary Championships if they so wish.

·         If a dancer wins two Preliminary Championships from the 1st January, they are no longer eligible to enter a Preliminary Championships for the remainder of that year and the following year.

·         If a dancer wins a Preliminary Championship where there are five dancers or less in the competition, the dancer will still be eligible to enter a Preliminary Championship.



Championships and Premier Competitions

(Effective from Sept. 1st 2016) 

Craobh Comortas (Championship):

·          A competition may be entitled a "Championship" only when it is an Ard Grad competition and

o    Is judged by at least 3 Adjudicators.

o    Competitions, in the case of a step dancing competition are required to perform at least two dances, one of which must be a heavy dance and the other a light dance.

o    U6 Craobh Comórtas are not permitted (Munster specific – Sep 1st 2015).

o    All competitors will receive an award in the light round of any Craobh Comórtas competition.


Priomh Comortas (Premier Championship):

·          The title "Priomh Comortas" or Premier Championship may be ascribed to a competition in any grade judged by one adjudicator, where the following conditions apply:

o    Two dances to be performed by each competitor.

o    In a Priomh Comortas with an upper age of 8 years or less the compulsory dances must consist of either:

§   Those stipulated for the older age groups and set out above or

§   Two light dances (Munster Specific).

o    When a dancer wins First place in a Priomh Comortas competition, they are deemed to have won both dances in that competition, even if they are not awarded first place when individual round results are awarded.

o    U6 Championships must be Priomh Comórtas (Munster specific – Sep 1st 2015).

Transfer Procedure

  • Written notification must be sent by the receiving teacher to the Secretary of Comhairle na Mumhan, informing them of the name of the child or children, the previous school name and the new school name.
  • There is an administration fee of €20 for each child or family being transferred.
  • The effective date of transfer will be the receipt of this notification by the Secretary with the appropriate fee.
  • On receipt of notification and fee, the Transfer Secretary of Comhairle na Mumhan will contact both the new teacher and the previous teacher informing them of the details of the transfer.
  • The Transfer Secretary of Comhairle na Mumhan will notify all members of the Comhairle of the transfer at the next scheduled meeting.
  • To Contact the Transfer Secretary (David Daly ADCRG), please send an email to


Summer Feis Rule

Applies to:

a) Feiseanna taking place in the Munster region from the completion of Fo-Chomórtaisí to September 1st.
b) Dancers from the Munster Region

For the above mentioned criteria, the competition grading rule will not apply. Dancers who win 1st place in any competition will not deemed to have won that dance in that grade. This applies for all dances and grades.



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Comhairle na Mumhan Directive


Oireachtas na Mumhan 2022

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Cláraithe leis an gCoimisiún le RincíGaelach 


Comhairle Na Mumhan

October 14, 2022


Comhairle Na Mumhan is shocked and dismayed at the allegations in the media with regards to breaches of the CLRG code of Conduct. We understand that this has been a very challenging time for all members of our dance community.


We welcome the investigation into recent alleged breaches of our code of conduct and stress the critical importance of accountability and transparency in this matter.


We thank all the teachers who reached out to us and voiced their concerns and can assure you that we are making additional changes to the protocols for this year’s Oireachtas naMumhan to ensure that we provide a transparent and equitable competition environment.


We will have a further discussion with teachers to clarify these procedures and protocols. We are committed to providing a level playing field and we will do our best to support our teachers and dancers through these difficult times.


 Feis Calendar 2022


Music Website

Huge thanks to Gerry Conlon for creating a platform which gives free access to Irish Dancing music that is suitable for dancers of all levels.

Follow the link to thank Gerry Conlon for his music and to support his fundraising effort for two Cancer charities that Gerry has selected.

Once you click on the charity link, select the "Donate to a team member" button to get to the individual charities.

Comhairle na Mumhan are delighted to announce that the following charity/frontline body in each Munster county was presented with a cheque for €400 on behalf of the Munster Irish Dance Teachers Association. 


Cork - Cork Penny Dinners
Clare - Clare Crusaders
Kerry - Childrens National Ambulance The Bumbleance
Limerick - Simon Community Limerick
Waterford - St Vincent de Paul (Sacred Heart Conference, Waterford)
Tipperary - St Vincent de Paul (Thurles)

Pictured below are some of the presentations. 

(L-R: Maureen Boland ADCRG & Sr. Margaret of the St. Vincent de Paul Society, Waterford)

(L-R: Member of Cork Penny Dinners & Nancy Troy O' Herlihy SDCRG)

(L-R: Member of Limerick Simon Community & Mairéad Ní Bhriain)

(L-R: Members of Clare Crusaders & Laura Minogue)


Feis Rules & Conditions

To download our updated Feis Rules & Conditions, please click the link below. Rules & Conditions are effective as of 1st of September 2016.  Feis Rules & Conditions


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